HIV and Fitness

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Decades ago, an HIV diagnosis meant sickness and a shorter life. Exercise wasn’t even part of the conversation. Today, HIV is more of a lifelong disease than a life-threatening one. “In large part, due to the good medications we have now, the lifespan for people with HIV is close to that of people without HIV,” […]

Happy trails: Take a hike, now

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While the COVID-19 pandemic is not over by any means, more people are getting vaccinated, and restrictions are gradually lifting. After too much time spent inactive and indoors, what better way to move your body and enjoy nature than by taking a hike? In many ways, hiking is the ideal antidote to a global pandemic, […]

High-Dose Fish Oil May Raise Odds for A-Fib in Heart Patients

By Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, May 3, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Many people take fish oil to protect their heart, but a new study suggests that prescription versions may raise the risk of a common heart rhythm disorder. At issue are prescription-strength omega-3 fatty acids, which are naturally found in fish oil. The medications […]