How to Sleep Better Naturally

Good sleep is as essential as healthy diet and regular exercise. Follow these 8 steps and you will sleep like a baby every night.
Better Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep Works Magic

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Are you dealing with Insomnia? Or do you want to feel better rested every morning when you wake up?. We have 8 steps to help you get better sleep every night.

Get Comfortable

It’s essential to sleep on a comfortable mattress. If your body hurts when you wake up, something is not right. Your pillow should also give you the proper support for your head and neck. A too soft or too hard pillow can result in a stiff neck. If you tend to fight over the sheets with your partner during the night, check out the European way of 2 separate down duvets.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere in your Bedroom

A bedroom that feels cozy will invite you to sleep and relax. Choose warm colors and soft lighting. If you use candles, make sure they are safe if you forget to blow them out. Don’t overload your bedroom with unnecessary things. Mind the feng shui.

Keep the Light out

If your bedroom becomes bright in the morning, it is more likely that you will start to wake up before your alarm goes off. Right blackout blinds or shades can help you maintain deep sleep during the last hours.

Stick to a Sleeping Routine

The more you stick to the same sleeping routine, the easier it is to fall asleep in the evening. Try to keep the fluctuations during the weekends or holidays as minimal as possible.

Tech Free Hour before Bed

Use the last hour before going to bed for anything but phone or TV. Use this hour to relax. Mediation can help you reduce the stress that has to build up during the day and so help you fall asleep more easily. Reading a book is also a great way to unwind and calm your mind.

Don’t eat right before Going to Sleep

We all know that eating before going to sleep is not going to give us a peaceful rest. Try to eat at least 3-4 hours before going to sleep. Have a tea later in the evening instead of a night snack.

Reduce Drinking before Going to Sleep

Try not to drink too much in the last hours before going to sleep. The more you drink, the more likely you will have to go during the night. Controlling your fluid intake might save you from getting up in the night.

Exercise – but not in the Last Hours before Sleeping

Proper physical activity will make your body more tired and so help you fall asleep more quickly and help you maintain a deep sleep through the night. Try not to exercise too late as that will have the opposite effect.

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