10 Easy Ways To Burn More Calories Naturally

Get more exercise from each day. You'll feel better and your body will thank you.
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How To Burn More Calories

If you don’t like going to the gym but you want to burn more calories naturally during the day, maybe these 10 ideas can help you get started. 

  • Use public transport
  • Walk or bicycle to the supermarket
  • Use the steps
  • Park further away
  • Don’t sit and wait
  • Keep moving
  • Engage your friends
  • Use your lunch break for walking
  • Stand while working (if possible)
  • Get a dog (our favorite tip)

1. Use public transport

Rather than driving everywhere, use public transport instead. The walk to and from bus stops and train stations will add to your daily steps. If the bus stop or train station is somewhat further away, you could try using the bicycle.

2. Walk or bicycle to the supermarket

For weekend shopping it will probably make sense to take the car, but if possible, walk or bicycle to the supermarket. This way you’ll burn more calories and you will feel like buying more healthy stuff.

3. Use the steps

Whenever you have the option to take the steps, do it! Climbing steps is a great cardio workout and gets your body working in no time. Next time you press the button on an elevator, run for the stairs.

4. Park further away

Try parking further away from your destination. You will get to know the area you are visiting better when walking and you might also have cheaper or even free parking if you are not trying to park exactly in front of where you are going.

5. Don’t sit and wait

If you have some time to kill, use it to walk around. There are always some things to explore and discover. Don’t just sit around and stare at your phone.

6. Keep moving

Walk around while you make calls or during phone conferences. Some people actually love walking while talking and find it helps them focus.

7. Engage your friends

Invite your friends and visitors to walks or hikes instead of taking them to bars and restaurants. It’s a great way of introducing guests to your neighborhood or surroundings.

8. Use the lunch break for a 15 min walk

Most of us can squeeze a 15 min walk after lunch into our schedule. It will not only make you feel more energetic in the afternoon, but it will also help boost your metabolism and curb afternoon cravings.

9.  Stand more while working

Some people have a desk that can be raised so that they can work standing. With the right posture, this is a great way to keep your energy level high and you will also burn more calories during the day. Another option is to stand up more and meet with people in person instead of texting or calling.

10. Get a dog

Now, this might not be for everyone, but for those who can; get a dog! It will force you to increase your daily exercise and it will bring a great friend into your life.

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