20 Great Things To Do In The Fall

20 Great ideas for you to help you enjoy the fall in a healthy way. Get started today!
things to do in the fall

Great Things To Do This Fall

The fall is around the corner and it is time to enjoy the last warm weeks of summer, but also start to plan for some exciting things to do in the fall.

We have listed 20 fall fresh ideas for you and your family to do this fall:

Here they are!

halloween deco

1. Let In Some Fresh Air

We run the AC all summer long and avoid to have any doors or windows open. 

The fall is the perfect time to open your house up and get some fresh air in for the winter. 

You can also use the opportunity and hang out downs, pillows, blankets, and rugs.

You will love how naturally fresh they feel after a few hours out in the crisp fall breeze.

2. Go For A Early Morning Walk

There is nothing better to start your day than a morning walk in the clean fresh fall air. 

Enjoy it next to a river, lake or simply stroll around your neighborhood. 

Foggy weather can set the mood for Halloween and is best to enjoy in the early morning.

3. Make Fall Arrangement

Now is the right time to bring out the harvest style fall arrangement. 

Add some DIY items to fresh up last year’s decoration.

4. Visit A Local Pumpkin Farm

Going with your family to a pumpkin farm to select pumpkins for your Halloween decoration can be fun and can be combined with a walk around the nearest town.

5. Carve Pumpkins

There is almost nothing that brings out the Halloween mood more than carving out these big pumpkin heads. 

Enjoy the fun with your whole family along with some fall food and drinks.

pumpkin cutting

6. Go For A Hike

It doesn’t matter where you live there are always many options for great hikes around you. 

Pack your backpack and put on your hiking shoes. 

A hike in the fall will give you endless colors to enjoy and the temperatures are great for hiking.

7. Plant Fall Flowers

The fall doesn’t need to be without flowers. 

There is a great variety of plants and flowers out there that can bring colors and joy in the fall and early winter. 

Plant some flowers if you have the opportunity to do so. 

If you don’t have a patio, backyard or a balcony, add a new plant or two to your apartment it makes the season so much more enjoyable.

8. Cook Fall Recipes

There are great veggies in season in the fall. 

Go to your local farmers market and get some fresh produce for delicious fall recipes.

9. DIY Halloween Costume

It’s easy to go to the next store and buy a costume made abroad. 

But if you want to dress up in something unique on Halloween, a DIY costume is the right approach to impress.

10. Go For A Weekend Getaway In The Mountains Or On The Coast.

In the fall you can get great prices on Hotels, Bed, and Breakfast or a cozy Airbnb.

In the fall the mountains are full of scenic views with amazing color spectacles.

Going to the cost in the fall is great. 

The crowds are gone and you will feel much easier to recharge and relax after long walks along the coast.

11. Mix Fall Drinks

When the temperatures go down we feel more like having stronger and warmer drinks. There are many great drinks and cocktails you can try out in the fall that will amaze your guests.

12. Throw A Backyard Party

Enjoy your back yard longer. 

Get some gas heaters and a firepit to enjoy fresh fall evenings with friends and family. 

Cuddle in blankets and drink hot drinks.

girls with lights

13. Go Apple Picking at a Local Orchard

If you can find an apple orchard around you, make the trip and enjoy picking fresh apples with friends or family.

14. Bake Apple Recipes

There are many great ways to use apples for cakes, salads or snacks. 

There are endless great apple pie recipes online.

Here is one we love!

15. Find Scenic Drive To Enjoy The Fall Colors

When the colors are changing in the late fall, there is nothing greater than to have a drive along a scenic route. 

In the mountains, along a river, around a lake. 

There are always some scenic routes that you can find in your area.

scenic drive

16. Go To A Fall Festival

Fall festivals can be fun for the whole family. 

Check out the hayrides, cornhole games and bobbing for apples. 

You might even find pumpkin bowling in some places. 

Dry run your Halloween costumes and enjoy some food and drink.

17. Create Fall Versions Of Your Favorite Food And Drink

Try to add some cinnamon, pumpkin, squash or apples to your favorite food or drink. 

You might get a surprisingly good fall version of it.

18. Fill your house with fall cent

Bring out some candles or incense to bring some soothing fall scent to your house. 

Create fall decorations with apples, cinnamon, and pine cones. 

They will also add a pleasant natural scent to your home.

19. Can fruits and veggies, dry herbs and spice

In the past, canning was a way to store things over the winter months. 

Today it can be fun to can your own fruits and veggies. It’s easier than you think.

You can also do your own delicious jellies. 

Just make sure you get local organic fruits and vegetables. 

If you grow herbs and spices in your garden. 

Now is the time to cut them and dry or freeze for the coming months.

20. Get out and take pictures of the fall colors

Go out with your camera or just your phone and capture all the amazing colors.

You will be amazed by how crazy colors you can find in nature at this time.

grapes fall
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